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Let us help you to create a tailored menu  for your event that fits your diet, style and budget. We offer on site services, drop off and pick ups to better serve you. Don't forget to ask about our private chef experience!

We created a fun selection of menu samples for all occasions as corporate events, small gatherings and social distancing celebrations, find the one that fits your needs the best and do not hesitate to contact us to a customized menu option.

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Breakfast Box

breakfast sandwich or quiche, fruit salad, yogurt & granola

Lunch Box

choice of Sandwich, salad, potato chips and dessert 

Lunch & Breakfast Platters

We offer a variety of selected items served family style 

Picnic Basket

A variety of individually wrapped and portioned snacks, sandwiches, fresh fruit and other treats, perfect for outdoor gatherings. Customize your basket accordingly to your party!



black beans with cured pork meats, sausages, white rice, sauteed collard greens, farofa, pico de gallo, orange slices and a side of homemade hot sauce. Vegan option available.


Fish or plantains simmered in a flavorful coconut broth, onions, peppers & tomatoes, served with white rice and red palm oil farofa. Vegan option available.


Chard grilled variety of meats and/or vegetable on a stick, pico de gallo, Brazilian style potato salad and garlic farofa. We also offer the option of kebabs ready to cook at your party.


Let's design your event menu together!

Our goal is to provide an unique experience to you and your guests, and it all starts with a tailored menu. Tell us about your special occasion and we will get back to you shortly with inspiring ideas and options that fit your event!

Thanks for submitting!

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